Immortalised by Kipling’s “Jungle Book” Kanha’s forests are some of the richest tiger habitats in the world. It’s mesmerizing Sal and Bamboo jungles, valleys and long plateaus lie like a velvet mantle over the ancient, secretive undulations of the Maikal Hills. If you place a finger on the map of India, where the States of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh meet, you find Kanha. Delicately shaped like a bird in flight, Kanha is currently home to about a ninety majestic tigers – all wild and free. This park also boasts the presence of 22 species of mammals, approximately 300 species of birds, and about 120 species of butteflies. The jungles of Kanha are an experience that few can forget, and often become an addiction that brings people back to it for longer stays - time and time again.