Our menu is a carefully selected blend of regional culinary delicacies and contemporary international cuisine. From freshly baked breads and organic herbs to breathtaking settings with unparalleled attention to detail, our aim is to take you on an enticing gastronomic journey.


Keeping our carbon footprint at a minimum, we combine the best of taste, ambience and a wholesome spread to make your dining experience at Bagh Villas a truly memorable one. Our menu is a carefully selected blend of regional culinary delicacies and contemporary, international cuisines, including Thai, Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese & Indonesian. Influenced by rich culinary traditions from around the world, tantalising flavours and aromas mingle creatively and find expression in every attentively prepared dish at Bagh Villas. While our head chef Sandeep recreates some of the most exciting local dishes, Lia, our health and nutrition expert, directs and curates the non-Indian fare we offer. Though the menu is fixed, Lia and Sandeep go the extra mile to accommodate any personalisations that may be required to address food allergies or spice tolerance.

Organic Garden

Deeply appreciative of the value of organically grown food and of supporting local communities, our team sources most of the ingredients either from our organic garden or from selected local farmers who use sustainable, traditional farming practices.

We grow seasonal vegetables and fruits in our own garden without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides or insecticides. The earth has been fed and revived with only natural compost to greatly improve the productivity of tastier, healthier crops. All surplus vegetables are either sun dried and stored for future use during the off-season or given to our staff members. Ingredients we source from the market & local vendors are primarily organic, and vegetables that are not home-grown are sourced from our own staff member’s gardens. Apart from helping our local economy, this practice also encourages our staff to go organic.