Akhilesh Nair (Umesh) started his career working for the Ministry of Environment and Forests, with Ashok Kumar, a leading wildlife conservationist associated with the Wildlife Protection Society of India. He also had the privilege of working as a research assistant with Dr. Ullas Karanth, a renowned conservation zoologist and one of India’s leading tiger experts. His tenure with Dr. Karanth took him through some of the deepest nooks and crannies of South India, spanning almost all protected forests, giving him unique insight and in-depth knowledge within the sphere of conservation and wildlife biology.

Akhilesh’s extensive career has also taken him to Nepal where he spent 3 years at Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge & Tiger Tops Tented Camp working with conversation legends like Chuck McDougal. In early 2000, his passion for learning temporarily took him off the wildlife path and into the world of exclusive boutiques in the Maldives and Seychelles, where he managed boutique resorts and properties. Akhilesh’s extensive knowledge of wildlife and culture and his passion for excellence in hospitality come together to ensure our guests a unique experience at Bagh Villas.

Akhilesh Nair

Camp host


A true perfectionist, Lia is fully committed to creating the best spa and culinary experiences for our guests, and brings to Bagh Villas years of training, experience and a passion for perfection and excellence. Apart from being an internationally certified health and nutrition expert, Lia has worked with some of the best spa and wellness chains around the world, notably, Apsara Spa at Tugu Malang in Indonesia, the Mandara Spa in Bali and at various other spas both across Indonesia as well as in Singapore. Lia’s expertise extends into the culinary world too, and her focus on the nutritional value of food as well as her intricate attention to detail when it comes to flavors make the Bagh Villas kitchen a haven for various cuisines from all over the world.

Lia Nair

Camp Hostess


Shrikanth’s sheer passion and appetite for wildlife and the outdoors, not to mention his vast knowledge, have made him an indispensable part of the Bagh Villas team since our very inception. Inseparable from the outdoors since a young age, Shrikanth has spent many years studying various facets of nature, eventually leading a number of wildlife photography tours across forests in the Western Ghats as well as working with the Karnataka Forest Department.

As our expert interpretive naturalist, Shrikanth has been at the helm of natural and cultural exploration in the area, infusing Bagh Villas with a palpable spirit of inquiry, adventure and enthusiasm. He brings to Bagh Villas a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, ensuring our discerning guests an unmatched, authentic wildlife and safari experience.

Shrikanth Nayak