From thrilling biking & nature trails to serene spa & pool services, we offer a completely immersive experience incorporating a blend of adventurous activities as well as therapeutic & relaxing excursions.

Biking Trails

Biking trails are a fantastic way for guests to get up close and personal with the unspoiled, rustic beauty of Kanha’s forests and various villages around Bagh Villas. Our biking trails have been tried, tested and specially routed for guests after an in- depth exploration & survey of the area by our team. They range from trails suitable for beginners (6.5 km, 30-40 mins), to those suitable for more experienced cyclists (17-22 km, 2 hours). The trails cover both off-road and on-road terrains that take you through an array of rural villages, breathtaking sights & landscapes, and pristine, untouched territories along the periphery of the forest.

Our Jamunia river trail, for instance, is both on and off-road and includes a river crossing experience for those seeking some adventure, while our Bhimlat trail is better suited for beginners. Our naturalists are available upon request to accompany guests on these trails. Equipped with safety helmets and our Trek bikes that offer the perfect ride for all terrains, get mobile and connect with the pristine beauty of Kanha’s periphery on our biking trails.


At Bagh Villas, we believe that connecting with nature is the best way to rejuvenate one’s body & mind. Hence, we encourage our guests to indulge in various nature related outdoor activities, including birdwatching. A hobby that has captivated the hearts of millions of people around the world, the joy one experiences while observing these avian acrobats is beyond compare. Watching their mesmerizing colours and beautiful feathers, listening to their varied calls, observing their unique behaviours, and trying to identify them is a very addictive and rewarding activity.

Some of the birds are winter visitors, some are year-round residents, and a few make their appearance during the summer. One can enjoy watching these beautiful birds while relaxing on a recliner in the tent veranda or sitting by the pool or simply taking a walk on the pathway and the trail within the property. Our naturalists will be more than happy to come along and help to spot and identify them. If guests wish to indulge further, our naturalists will lead them on birding trails to the forest fringe and to the beautiful forest side lakes which are a short distance away from the camp. They will also share interesting trivia about birds and their behaviours.

Guests can make use of the binoculars which are always kept handy in the reception as well as the field guides and other birding related books kept in the lounge. Birdwatching is an integral part of our Safari drives too. More than 300 species of birds have been observed in the Kanha Tiger reserve, some of which are Indian White-Eye, Gray Francolin, Oriental Turtle Dove, Common Hawk Cuckoo, Crested Serpent-Eagle, Oriental Scops Owl, White-Naped Woodpecker and many more.

Village Visits

The name Kanha Tiger Reserve brings visuals of majestic tigers, pristine Sal forests, rolling grasslands, glistening streams and a mesmerizing variety of flora and fauna to one’s mind. However, the human settlements and hamlets surrounding the jungle are also an integral part of the tiger reserve landscape.

Many idyllic villages dot the fringes of Kanha. A visitor may get overwhelmed by a feeling of travelling back in time while observing the traditional mud houses, age old farming techniques and unspoilt countryside. Bagh Villas is located on the edge of a small, rustic village called Baherakhar, which is home to many communities and tribes who live here in harmony.

A short but beautiful walk away from the camp lies the sleepy hamlet called Banda tola, a tribal settlement where most of the households belong to the Baigas.

Respecting the privacy and personal space of the people, we ensure that our presence does not disturb their lifestyle. During the walks we make sure that there is no intrusion in the village life. It’s the mutual respect and camaraderie that make these visits quite memorable.

Nature Trails

For the adventurous keen on exploring the wilderness surrounding Bagh Villas on foot, our nature trails provide an invaluable experience for guests to connect with the land. Accompanied by one of our naturalists, venture into the depths of the pristine wilderness on the periphery of the park. Each of our nature trails have been meticulously tailored incorporating scenic walks along riverbeds and stunning landscapes, an ideal way for guests to fully immerse themselves in the splendour and magic of Kanha.